Worship Artistry VS Worship Online which service is better

As a worship leader or team member, choosing the right online training platform is crucial for personal growth and team development. With many options available, it can be tough to decide which platform is the best fit for your team. Today, we’ll dive deep into a comprehensive comparison of two popular choices: Worship Online and Worship Artistry. Lets examine their features, strengths, target audience, and pricing, to help you determine which platform is best for you.

Worship Online and Worship Artistry: The Similarities

Worship Online and Worship Artistry have a lot of similar functionality. Both of them:

  • Accurately teach all the parts for the instruments in the original recordings
  • Have a vast archive of popular modern worship songs. 
  • Are fully licensed and pay royalties to the artists
  • Can transpose songs to multiple keys
  • Have high-quality, well-produced video and audio for an enjoyable experience
  • Have a heart for ministry (I personally know both of the owners)
  • Offer free trials

How They Differ

Worship Artistry: Designed for Inclusivity and Growth

Worship Artistry is aimed at smaller teams, with less experienced musicians. They will help train up your new musicians so that they understand not just what to play, but why to play it. In other words, they’ll train your musicians FOR you, so that your team begins to sound incredible! They also combine multiple guitar and keyboard parts into a part that just one guitar player (or keyboardist) could pull off. This allows you to achieve that big band sound with your small team.  All of Worship Artistry’s arrangements can be fully executed with a 5-piece band. 

Features of Worship Artistry: 

  • They have a larger song catalog with over 600 popular worship songs. 
  • Isolated rehearsal mixes: Worship Artistry allows users to isolate their part of the track, enabling them to focus on mastering specific elements of a song.
  • Beginner-friendly approach: Worship Artistry excels in teaching beginners, with lessons that assume no prior experience and focus on growth and development.
  • Full-spectrum tutorials for experienced players: Despite catering to beginners, Worship Artistry also offers resources for advanced musicians, providing a well-rounded learning experience.
  • Song requests: Worship Artistry welcomes song requests, striving to add at least one new song to their catalog each week.
  • Flexible lesson structure: Users can navigate lessons at their own pace, skipping or repeating sections as needed to master challenging parts of a song.
  • Simple interface: Worship Artistry’s intuitive interface makes it easy for users to focus on learning and improving their musical skills.
  • Mobile app: learn on the go with their easy-to-use mobile app. 

Worship Online: Designed for Advanced Musicians and Larger Bands

Worship Online is designed for larger teams with higher caliber musicians. These setups are usually found in larger churches. That’s why we typically recommend Worship Artistry for smaller churches. Instead of simplifying and combining the parts, Worship Online teaches you all of the parts (for two or three electric guitar players, and two keys players). This allows larger teams to teach their musicians exactly what is played on the record, so nobody is left guessing. 

Features of Worship Online:

  • Customizable resources: Worship Online provides advanced player controls and a live sound mixer, allowing experienced musicians to experiment and personalize their learning experience.
  • Detailed play-through videos: Worship Online offers precise play-through videos and notation, perfect for advanced artists seeking to master complex tracks.
  • Mobile-friendly: Worship Online’s well-developed mobile features make it easily accessible on various devices, ensuring a seamless learning experience.
  • Precision resources: Worship Online is built for advanced worship musicians, offering in-depth resources and pro tips for experienced musicians.
  • Online patch store: Worship Online includes an integrated patch store, enabling users to purchase the exact sounds used in tutorials for a seamless sound experience.
  • Full band sound: Worship Online presents songs in their original, multi-instrument arrangements, allowing users to recreate the full sound of their favorite worship songs.

Pricing Comparison: Worship Online VS Worship Artistry

Both Worship Online and Worship Artistry offer pricing based on the number of team members you’d like to sign up. They both also have an individual plan, if you just want it for yourself. You can see from the below chart how the pricing breaks down for each service. 

Users Worship Artistry Worship Online
1 $9.75 $13
5 $16.50 $27
10 $30 $44
15 $42
20 66
25 $58.40
30 $64.50
35 $64.50 $99
35+ $64.50 Custom Plan


As you can see, Worship Artistry is a bit more affordable, while still providing the same value. Worship Artistry also doesn’t limit how many people you can add in their highest tier. So you can add as many worship musicians as you’d like in their highest tier without being charged more. Whereas, Worship Online requires you to contact them so they can create a custom plan if you have more than 35 musicians on your team. In either case, don’t let the pricing be the only factor in determining which service is right for you. 

The Final Verdict: Which is Better for Your Team?

Both Worship Online and Worship Artistry offer very similar services aimed at slightly different groups. 

  • Worship Online is better suited for larger bands and more advanced musicians aiming to replicate songs with high-level precision.
  • Worship Artistry is ideal for smaller teams and churches with varying skill levels, emphasizing inclusivity, training, and adaptation based on band size.

What do we recommend? We can’t say. Only you know which is right for both contexts. Both services are offered by amazing, Kingdom-minded people, and provide high quality resources. Since they both offer free trials, why not sign up for both, try them out for a few days, and decide to keep the one that you think will best suit your needs (and the needs of your musicians)!

Sign up using any of the links on this page, and we’ll get a small commission as a way of saying thank you for helping you determine the difference between the two.  😉 

What About Training for the Worship Leader?

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