Using Worship Services to Form and Shape People Souls

Our worship services have a formative effect on our people’s minds and souls. With weeks, bleeding into months, into years, and ultimately decades, the habits we form in our people have a long term cumulative effect. What we do in our services and how we do it matters.

In today’s episode, I talk with author and Pastor Zac Hics about the ways in which worship is formative and how to best utilize our gathered worship times to shape our people into the image of Christ over the long haul.

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You Are What You Love: The Spiritual Power of Habit (Amazon)
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Corporate worship is a weekly event that God uses to shape our people’s souls over the course of decades.  – Tweet That!

What we do and how we do it week after week has a cumulative effect whether for good or bad. – Tweet That!

The songs that we lead are the lasting prayers on the lips of the people of God throughout the week.  – Tweet That!

A good worship service tells the story of the gospel: the Glory of God, the gravity of sin, the grandeur of Grace.  – Tweet That!

The words we say between songs and service elements will affect the way our people view next week’s worship service.  – Tweet That!

The style of our services is not neutral. Song styles, architecture, and aesthetic all shape our people’s worship.   – Tweet That!

If it sounds, looks, and smells like a rock show, then our people are going to behave like they’re at a rock show.  – Tweet That!

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