What to do when a worship team member sins

Every one of your team members has sin in their life (including you!) but where does it cross the line to where someone should no longer be serving on the worship team? How should we address the issue, and is there a process of restoration we can follow to return the team member to service? What does all this look like in practice? These are some of the questions we will be answering in today’s episode. If you are a worship leader wanting wisdom on how to deal with this delicate issue, or simply a team member wanting to better understand your spiritual responsibility to your church, this episode is for you!

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Your team members are not just musicians to fill slots, but people to pastor – Tweet That!

Taking someone off your team for a time is a restorative process, not a punitive process – Tweet That!

When a team member sins they need to: Repent, Reflect, Rest and Restore. – Tweet That!

Worship team members should be held to the same biblical standard as deacons, since functionally they are deacons! – Tweet That!