Swell Bottle Review

Worship leaders tend to sing a lot. Some of you sing four or five times a weekend. Worship leaders also tend to love coffee (I know I do). But, unfortunately coffee can’t replace water and worship leaders really need to stay hydrated. One of the best things you can do for your vocal chords (and your body in general) is to drink lots of water.

Being hydrated allows you to sing longer and stronger, which is something we all want.


Recently, I realized that I’m not drinking enough water. In an attempt to trick myself into forming a hydrating habit I decided to buy a cool water bottle; one that I like to look at, like to hold, and like to drink from! Enter the S’well water bottle.


About S’well

S’well is a bottle company based out of New York specializing in high end, aluminum, double insulated water bottles. They have all sorts of patterns, from different wood grains (I bought the teak wood finish) to alligator skin and everything in between. The amazing thing about S’well water bottles is how well the insulation works. I’ve had ice cubes stay nearly unmelted for forty-eight hours! It also works equally well for hot drinks. Fill up your S’well bottle with hot tea at 5:30am before your first worship service and it’ll still be hot for your evening service (just be careful not to burn your mouth)!

I’ve really enjoyed my S’well water bottle, and it actually has helped me drink more water! Plus it looks great on my desk!

Swell Water Bottle Teakwood

Where to Buy

I recommend buying straight from swellbottle.com because their prices are slightly cheaper than Amazon (however, if you have Amazon Prime, you might save some money because of the free shipping). S’well has three different sizes to choose from 9oz, 17oz and 25oz. Pick your favorite size and color and start getting hydrated!

Bonus: If you really want to drink more water. One Gallon A Day is a free app for iOS that helps you stay hydrated by sending you reminders to drink throughout the day! Check it out!