The Importance and Power of Personal Worship for Worship Leaders

We all know that private worship is supposed to fuel our public ministry, but some days our times with God are dry, boring, distracted or distant. Stephen Miller joins us to discuss the power and importance of personal worship and give us some tips for keeping our walk with Jesus fresh and vibrant!
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Jesus sets the precedent for being extremely busy with ministry, yet making time for the Father! – Tweet That!

Private worship is the foundation of our public ministry. – Tweet That!

Many worship leaders aren’t exactly sure how to worship God OFF the stage. – Tweet That!

They are called Spiritual Disciplines for a reason. Disciplines are hard! – Tweet That!

Look for under-utilized blocks of time that you can use to be with the Father. – Tweet That!

One reason for feeling distant from God could be unrepentant sin. – Tweet That!

Don’t be afraid to try different things to keep your quiet times fresh. – Tweet That!

Sometimes we feel dry because we are too lazy to chase down the wonder. – Tweet That!