Multiply Your Ministry Effectiveness by Raising Up Worship Leaders

Want to do 100 times more ministry than you’re currently doing? Want to have a massive impact on the kingdom of God that long outlasts you? Then you have to learn how to multiply yourself! In today’s episode, I talk to Justin Bell, worship pastor of Calvary Nexus, about how he went from only 3 worship teams to 12 worship teams and 15 new worship leaders in 10 years! As worship leaders (and disciples of Jesus), we must learn how to multiply ourselves and continue our ministry through other people! Enjoy the conversation and feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comments section!

Connect with Justin Bell on Twitter @justinemerybell

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Jesus didn’t do all the ministry by himself, and neither should we. – Tweet That!

The mark of a great leader is what legacy they have left after they’re gone. – Tweet That!

How would your ministry do next Sunday if you got hit by a bus today? – Tweet That!

It takes great humility to raise up other leaders who may grow up to be better than you! – Tweet That!

Having multiple worship leaders gives variety and freshness to your church’s worship experiences.             – Tweet That!

Having different worship leaders ministers to different types of people within the congregation.                       – Tweet That!

There needs to be a clear pathway that takes musicians from the pews all the way to worship leadership. – Tweet That!

Are you investing musically in the youth of your church? They are your next worship leaders! – Tweet That!

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