Your Mercy - Paul Baloche Review

In an industry of over-production, synths, samples, and ceaseless striving after clever lyrics, Paul Baloche’s “Your Mercy” is a breath of fresh air. It’s an album that is happy to be its own unique thing; mature, confident and comfortable in its own skin.

Paul’s songwriting on this album is fabulous. Lyrically, every stanza is direct, clear, accessible and familiar, while somehow being simultaneously fresh, original, and nuanced. Paul is a master at his craft, saying exactly what he wants in ways that capture your attention and invite you into the emotion. There are plenty of common biblical themes here, but tired cliches? None.

Musically, “Your Mercy” avoids the trends of the modern worship industry (synths, samples and soaring electric guitars), while still being very relevant. Think refreshing “acoustic-folk-pop”, along the lines of what All Sons and Daughters are producing. You can hear the natural tones of each instrument, and the beautiful timber of each vocalist. It’s so refreshing to hear an album with vocals that aren’t over compressed and over-tuned.

Part of what makes the album feel so real and organic is that it was recorded live in a warehouse in New York City. Paul filled the warehouse with talented worship leaders and musicians from around the state, and captured the magic live. Flawlessly performed and perfectly recorded. This is what all worship albums should be, the organic expression of a particular group of people in a particular place and time.


Your Mercy Paul Baloche Recording Live


“Your Mercy” was written for your church. The arrangements are simple enough for your band to pull off, the melodies memorable enough for your congregants to sing, and the lyrics biblical enough for your pastor’s approving nod.

This may be Paul’s best album yet.

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“We come to you now, the best we know how. Just as we are, we bring you our hearts. We come to you Jesus.”