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Worship leaders are notoriously under compensated. If you feel called to ministry but are struggling to pay your bills this episode is for you. If you wrestle with asking for a raise and aren’t sure if you should, this episode is also for you! I’ll give you three diagnostic questions, and some advice for how to have a conversation with your senior pastor about not getting paid enough. May the Lord guide and provide for you!

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  If you didn’t know what the other staff

members were making, would you care about what you’re making?

You feel underpaid as a worship leader

and you’re not sure how you should approach the topic with your pastor.

Should you approach the topic with your pastor?

If so, how?

How should you think about money and ministry?

I’m going to answer all of these questions in this bonus episode of a Q&A session

that I did with one of my academy students who felt underpaid.

I hope these answers help you.

If you’d like to try the academy, check it out, worshipministrytraining.

Com. You can try it for just $1.

All right, let’s get into this bonus episode.

The first thing I would say is you’re

in a pretty normal situation to feel undercompensated at a church.

Most worship leaders and ministers are

undercompensated based on the amount of work that they do.

That’s just a normal reality.

That’s not necessarily good or bad.

It just is what it is.

Some churches think that it’s okay to pay

somebody less because they’re single and young and they don’t have as many

expenses as someone who’s got four kids or whatever.

I don’t tend to mind that approach to payment.

It’s like, if someone only needs $40, 000 to live, we’ll just pay them $40,000.

Whereas if somebody needs $70, 000 to live because they have five kids

and a mortgage and this and that, and they’re doing the same job as the $40,

000 a year person, then we need to pay that person $70,000.

I get that the workload stays the same,

and therefore, some people think the pay should stay the same.

But I’m of the opinion that there’s a little bit of balance between both

of those considerations that you do need to consider someone’s life circumstances

based on what they need, and it’s not just all about the workload.

That’s my opinion. That’s not necessarily gospel truth.

Anyway, I think in your situation,

a question I would have for you is, if you didn’t know what the other staff

members were making, would you care about what you’re making?

In other words, are you comparing yourself to them?

If you didn’t know what they were making, would you be bothered by your salary?

I think that’s an important question,

and I’ll say why, because comparison kills our joy.

My wife loves to say this phrase, Comparison is the killer of joy.

If you didn’t know what your pastor’s wife made, would you care what you make?

I think that’s a revealing question.

I think about the passage where Peter is

walking on the beach with Jesus after Jesus has risen from the dead.

Jesus tells Peter, You’re going to follow me to die in a similar way.

They’re going to lead you to where you don’t want to go.

Peter looks back and sees John walking

behind, and he’s like, What about him, Lord?

Is he going to die in a horrible way, too?

And Jesus said, What is it to you, Peter,

if I decide to leave him alive until I return again?

As for you, you follow me.

And I think for you, the Lord is saying, Who cares what they make?

You follow me.

And so the second question is, are you called?

Are you called to that church?

Are you called to that position?

Because if you’re called and you know you

are where God wants you to be, then the Lord will provide everything you need.

If you’re where God wants you to be, God will provide everything you need.

And And the passage that comes to mind is, Seek first the Kingdom of God and his

righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.

And so I would say,

really wrestle with the question, are you called to that church?

Do you have a sense of peace?

Do you have a sense of grounding?

Do you have a sense that the Lord said, This is where What are you doing?

Are you doing what you want you?

Are you fulfilled in the work that you’re doing there besides the fact that you feel

slightly underpaid or maybe largely underpaid?

So that’s another question. Are you called?

Are you comparing? Are you called?

The third question then would be, are you making enough to live?

None of us are doing Ministry to Get Rich.

The question is, are you making enough to live?

And that’s where having a budget is going to be really important.

And you need to know what all of your expenses are.

And so get a spreadsheet and write down

everything you need to pay for every single month and every single year,

like your car insurance bill, and break that down into 12 months,

or car repairs, and break that down into 12 months.

Whatever you spend every year, break those things down into 12 months.

All the unexpected expenses,

like unexpected medical bills, or insurance or whatever.

Break all those things down into monthly line items,

put all those things into a spreadsheet, and add that number up,

and see if you make enough to live on what the church is paying you.

Now, sometimes you don’t make enough

at the church, but you still feel called to that church.

And that’s when you need to think

creatively about, how are you making money?

Can you teach lessons on the side, music lessons?

Can you write a blog?

That’s why 10 years ago,

I started the Worship Ministry Training a podcast, I was like,

maybe I can make a couple of hundred dollars a month in scholarships, right?

And now I have a full-on academy with courses and everything, right?

And it’s like that income helps provide

for my family to live in Los Angeles while I still have a full-time job at a church.

But definitely make that budget to learn

what you need to survive every single month.

And then seek first the Kingdom of God

and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.

If you decide to have a conversation

with the pastor, I would say, be very humble, be very gracious,

gracious, be very thankful, and then come to him and maybe even give

him a heads up like, I’d love to schedule a meeting with you

to talk about compensation and cost of living.

Schedule that meeting and then come

in very grateful, very humble, very kind, and bring your budget with you and say,

Hey, look, inflation is going up, price of everything is going up.

I’m moving out soon, and it’s going to be hard for me to give

my full attention to the church because I don’t make enough at the church.

So I’m going to need to get a part-time

somewhere on top of what I do at the church,

which will affect my ability to minister effectively at the church.

Therefore, do you think there’s any room for me to get a slight raise?

This is about what I need. And don’t be greedy.

Just be like, This is what I need,

based on the numbers that you have in your spreadsheet.

So that is what I would say about all that.

I hope this video helps you,

and may the Lord bless you, guide you, and provide for you.

I hope this episode helped you.

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