How to lead worship when you're in a spiritual dry rut

I know that leading week after week, things can get stale and mechanical.

Sometimes we’re on stage leading worship, and we can’t even connect with God ourselves. 

This was a question one of our Academy students recently submitted, so I recorded my answer for her and am sharing it with you.

Here are 4 ways you can get out of a spiritual rut and find connection with God once again.

1️⃣ Evaluate your life for sin and compromise – Is there anything you are continually doing that is not honoring to God? Sin separates and severs connection. If there is sin, cut it out, get accountability, ask for help.

2️⃣ Change your area of focus – What are you giving your attention to when you first wake up? Are you saturating your mind with things of the world (social media, news, movies, games, etc)? Or are you feasting on good and godly reading that will fuel your faith? If you’re looking for depth, you can’t be shallow. You must fill up in order to pour out!

3️⃣ Get out of your comfort zone – Go evangelize at the park. Take a mission trip. Serve at the homeless shelter. When we put ourselves in situations that require faith, it allows God to come through. As we experience fresh encounters of God’s power and kindness, it reignites a renewed passion in us.

4️⃣ Be in contact with the hurting – Get on the front lines, and minister / pray for those who are going through a divorce, have cancer, lost a child, can’t find work, etc. When you know and care for broken people, the lyrics you lead carry more weight. The words connect with your soul as you apply the truth of the songs to these people’s lives.

I cover more in the video I made for her.WATCH IT HERE


I pray God meets you where you are.

Take a step towards God. He will take 10 steps towards you.

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

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