Getting the best out of your current worship team

Worship Leaders often pray for God to send some new, professional musicians to their church and onto their teams, but what if God wants us to change our prayer? Maybe instead of praying for new, better musicians, we should ask God to help us be faithful to train and pour into the ones He’s already entrusted to us! It’s all about stewardship today; taking what God has currently given you and cultivating it to be the best that it can be. Jason Houtsma of Worship Artistry joins us to share some practical ways to get the best out of your team!
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It’s not about wanting something better, but WORKING to make what you currently have better! -Tweet That!

What we have available can dictate WHAT we do, but it shouldn’t dictate the quality we can do it with. -Tweet That!

Worship Leaders, it’s never been about the product of the music, but about the people who make the music. -Tweet That! 

Instead of asking God to send you better musicians, ask him to help you train the musicians you already have!

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