Ministry Calendar

A Template for a Healthy, Fully Functioning Worship Ministry

Or download the spreadsheet version HERE

Weekly Tasks – Service Related

  • Check Upcoming Team for Cancelations / Make Adjustments
  • Pick Songs for Upcoming Set
  • Add New Set & Resources (Mp3’s / Charts / Tutorials) to Planning Center
  • Send Set Notes to Teams (Parts / Specific Details / Who’s Leading)
  • Meet w/ Sr. Pastor to Discuss Previous & Upcoming Services
  • Print Chord Charts for Services
  • Add Stage Setup Notes to Planning Center for Audio Team
  • Ensure Correct Song Sequences in Planning Center for Lyrics Volunteers
  • Make Metronome Settings / Tracks for Song Set
  • One-on-One Training w/ A Developing Team Member
  • Text / Call  Individual Team Members to See How They’re Doing
  • Quick Service Check-In Meeting w/ Production Team (Discuss Details)
  • Prepare Devotional Thought for Rehearsal
  • Weekly Meeting with Key Staff / Volunteers to Plan / Pray
  • Warm Up My Voice
  • Set Up Stage
  • Team Devo / Prayer Time
  • Rehearsal
  • Send Livestream Link + Thank You Message to Band for Review
  • Warm Up Voice
  • Set Up Stage
  • Rehearsal
  • Pre-Service Production Meeting (Talk Through Songs + Tech)
  • Pre-Service Check-In w/ Pastor About Service
  • Service
  • Bible Study Backstage during 1st Service Sermon
  • Send Thank You Message & Livestream Link to Team
  • (Optional) Have team member over for lunch after service

Monthly Tasks – Team Maintenance
  • Message Team To “Block Out Dates” in Planning Center
  • Schedule Teams
  • Adjust Teams After Declines / Resend Requests
  • Call A Team Member to Check-In
  • Take A Team Member Out To Coffee
  • Send A Heartfelt Thank You Message to the Team
  • Ask Pastor for Upcoming Month’s Sermon Titles / Texts
  • Input Sermon Titles Into Planning Center
  • Creative Project (Song-write, etc)

Quarterly Tasks – Team Building
  • Team Potlucks or Fun Events
  • Mandatory Musical Training Workshops
  • Christmas / Easter Planning Meetings
  • Meet-Up with Other Local Worship Leader to Learn / Discuss Ministry

Bi-Annual Tasks – Team Growth
  • New Volunteer Recruitment Announcement

Annual Tasks – Big Picture Review & Planning
  • Christmas / End Of Year Party
  • Worship Team Self-Assessment Survey
  • Anonymous Survey About Worship Ministry
  • Map Out Entire Year (Important Events)
Do the right things at the right time and you’ll get the right results!

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