As leaders in the church, the needs are endless and the stakes are eternal. This can lead many church leaders to throw themselves into their ministries at unhealthy and unsustainable paces. Many ministers burn out. Carey Nieuwhof was one of those ministers.  

As the founding and senior pastor of one of Canada’s largest and most influential churches, Carey burned out at age 42. Almost a decade later, Carey is not only recovered from his burnout, but is thriving in life and leadership. Carey is now an influential pastor, speaker, author, blogger, podcaster, and leadership consultant, all while maintaining a healthy pace of life. 

In this episode I talk with Carey about what contributed to his burnout, the underlying heart issues that lead to overworking, signs and symptoms to watch out for, how he recovered from his burnout, and how he structures his life to accomplish more with less stress. Enjoy the episode, and please pass it on to anyone you feel might be running at an unhealthy pace. 

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Carey’s New Book: “Didn’t See It Coming”
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The High Impact Leader Course

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