Best Worship Leader Resources

Awesome worship leader resources!

Hey Worship Leader! You’re looking for resources to help you grow in your calling? Well you’re in the right place. As worship leaders, we are both worshippers AND leaders.  The best leaders are always learning. In order to be effective in your role, you need to keep growing. And that’s why we’ve compiled this list of our favorite resources for worship leaders. See one we should add? Leave a comment below.

Best Podcasts for Worship Leaders

  1. Worship Ministry Training Podcast
  2. Worship Online
  3. Worship Probs

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Best Books for Worship Leaders

  1. Worship Matters
  2. The Worship Pastor
  3. Worship Leaders, We Are Not Rock Stars
  4. Spiritual Leadership
  5. Dangerous Calling
  6. Knowledge of the Holy
  7. Rhythms of Grace
  8. Humility

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Best Courses for Worship Leaders

  1. Worship Leader Training
  2. Church Sound Made Simple
  3. EQ Crash Course


Best Software for Worship Leaders

  1. Planning Center – Manage your teams & services with ease!
  2. Sunday Keys Patches – Amazing sounding pianos, pads, synths
  3. Loop Community Prime – Easy backing tracks software
  4. Asana – For staying organized and delegating tasks


Best Training for Worship Leaders

  1. Worship Ministry Training Academy – Courses, live training, templates, coaching, & resources
  2. Worship Artistry – Great for smaller teams, learning to play together
  3. Worship Online – Good for big bands, with advanced players
  4. The Worship Vocalist – In-depth training for singers

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*Be advised that some of these resources may be affiliate links. But we stand by our recommendations on their own merit as excellent products and services.