8 Quotes for Building Healthier Worship Teams

Healthy worship teams don’t just happen.

Every worship leader I know would like healthy, happy, high-functioning worship teams. But healthy teams don’t just happen. They are built through intentionality and focus.

Recently I led a panel discussion on Team Building with Brian Wahl from Worship Tutorials, Jenni McGrew from WLCO, and Jason Squires.

There were some profound and helpful quotes during the discussion, and I wanted to share them with you, so you can build healthier teams in your worship ministry!

HERE ARE THE QUOTES:   (PS: If you want to listen to the podcast episode, or watch the youtube video, 👈 click those links)

People are looking for a FAMILY to belong to, not a place to serve.

People in this season are looking for a place to belong. They want to be part of a family, where they can be known and be loved. Work hard at making your team a welcoming place where you spend time together outside of just serving.

Like always attracts like.

Birds of a feather flock together. If you want a team that’s excellent, be excellent yourself. If you want a team that’s responsible, be responsible yourself. As you add more of those types of people to your team, then others who resonate with those values will be attracted to what you are doing!

Get out of the green room!

If you’re in a season of rebuilding and recruiting, the best thing you can do is get out of the green room and into the hallways and lobby of your church. Go sit on the pews before and after service and talk to people. Get to know them and ask them if they play any instruments! We can’t just sit and hide. We have to get out there and seek.

Maybe God’s not sending you team members because you’re not ready to handle them well.

Maybe the reason God is not sending you new members is because you aren’t ready to take care of them well, (both spiritually and administratively). Is your ministry well organized? If God sent you 20 people, would you know what to do with them? Lay the groundwork of getting your ministry in order, and then maybe God will feel confident sending you new people.

Culture is created by what you celebrate and what you tolerate.

We both create culture (by what we say and what we celebrate) and we protect culture (by how we confront and handle bad behavior). If we tolerate bad behavior, it will fester and grow. We must be both proactive and protective in building our team’s culture. Celebrate the good and cut the bad.

Don’t let anyone hold your team hostage.

If one person is ruining the culture and vibe of your team, you need to cut them out immediately. Act for the good of the many. Give that person a chance, but if after confronting them, they continue the bad behavior, cut them out quickly and watch your team breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Have hard conversations while the issue is SMALL.

It’s better to deal with a problem or unwanted behavior when the issue is small. Deal with it lovingly, kindly, and graciously the first time you see it. It is a much easier conversation when the issue is miniscule. Use phrases like, “Hey I noticed… but we don’t do that here,” or “On this team we ________”. Smile and be kind and give them the benefit of the doubt, but be clear.

Love people for who they are more than what they do for you.

Truly care about your team members. Care about them as people. Ask what’s going on in their life. Pray for them by name. Send them encouraging texts. Take them out to lunch or coffee, or have them over to your house. They are not “cogs in a machine”, they are image bearers of God. Love them well, and they’ll give you their allegiance. If you don’t love them, you’ll lose them. Ultimately what people want most is to be loved.

Again, if you want to listen to the podcast episode, or watch the youtube video, 👈 click those links)

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