7 Principles to Improve Your Church's Sound

Many churches suffer from poor sound in their sanctuaries. It doesn’t have to be that way. Today we cover seven principles that you can apply immediately to improve the sound in your church’s sanctuary, whether you’re in a big church or a small church. Enjoy the practical advice in this episode, and may it help you get clearer, cleaner, better sound for the glory of God!
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A good sounding system in a bad sounding room will still sound bad. -Tweet That!

When arranging your song, spread your band’s parts across the frequency spectrum to improve your sound. -Tweet That!

No amount of EQ is going to fix crappy cymbals. -Tweet That!

The sound tech is the most important person in the room (besides the Holy Spirit). -Tweet That!




Roxul Acoustic Foam
Bass Traps
Gilford of Maine Acoustically Transparent Fabric
CCI Solutions

Stage Volume:

Clearsonics Drum Shield
Clearsonics Drum Shield with Roof
Hot Rods
Electric Drums
Allen & Heath ME-1
Roland M-48
Behringer PowerPlay P-16M
Behringer PowerPlay P1
Shure SE215
Art Headphone Amp
Tech21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI
Episode 14 – ‘The Ultimate Guide to In Ear Monitors for Churches’


Episode 6 – ‘Playing In Parts – How to Sound Like a Professional Band’


Beta 87A
Audix D6

Digital Board:

Behringer X32 Digital Board
Behringer Digital Snake (optional)

Resources for Sound Techs:

Lynda.com (Training Videos)
Church Tech Arts Blog
Worship Sound Guy Blog
Great Church Sound Blog
Church Production Blog
Quiztones App
‘Audio Essentials’ E-Book

Room Tune:

CCI Solutions

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