10 Podcasts for Worship Leaders

Podcasts are an incredible tool for learning and gaining new ideas with very little effort. You can listen while you drive to work, mow the lawn, work out, or clean the house (or don’t clean the house. You’re welcome). Worship Leaders should take advantage of under-utilized blocks of time to sharpen their skills and hear from the best leaders around the world. That’s why we’ve compiled this list for you of our top 10 favorite podcasts for Worship Leaders. Here they are:

Worship Ministry Training Podcast

Worship Ministry Training Podcast - Best Podcast For Worship Leaders You didn’t think we’d give you a list of podcasts you should be listening to and not start with ours, did you? Wait, you’re not listening to our podcast?! Go subscribe. Here are five ways you can do that: iTunes, Stitcher, Tune In, Google Play, Android. If you need help subscribing, CLICK HERE.

We do our best to offer to-the-point, practical, helpful, in-depth, topical training delivered to your ears each month. Go give it a listen (or if you want to sample first, check out our Podcast Page).

Beyond Sunday Podcast

Beyond Sunday Podcast ArtDavid Santistevan somehow manages to find incredible guests on a weekly basis for his Beyond Sunday Podcast. David has been doing this podcast for over three years, and has close to one-hundred-fifty episodes already archived!

David interviews famous worship leaders, wise authors, and unknown church pastors, all with the goal of helping you grow in your craft as a worship leader. If you want to hear from worshippers all over the world, definitely check out the Beyond Sunday Podcast.

Hillsong Creative Podcast

My newest favorite! The Hillsong guys are so far beyond my current abilities and thinking patterns when it comes to creativity, team building, culture, and leadership that every episode feels like a masterclass. I am so inspired to hear a group of people who are so excellent at what they do, yet are so humble, thoughtful, wise, and hungry to keep growing. If you want to up your game and expand your thinking, you definitely need to subscribe to the Hillsong Creative Podcast.

Worship Artistry Podcast

Worship Artistry Podcast ArtWorship Artistry may be newer to the podcast game, but they definitely aren’t new to the worship training game. Worship Artistry is one of the premier websites for video tutorials on songs, gear and tone. Now with the podcast, they break into your ears to share insights about worship and worship leading. They’ve had some great episodes covering each of the instruments and their role within the band. This is definitely one you can share with your team members!

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Pro Church Podcast

Pro Church Podcast ArtMany worship leaders wear multiple hats. Many of us are tech directors, graphic designers, website administrators, video producers and more! Brady Shearer has done an incredible job with the Pro Church Podcast teaching you how to go from amateur to pro in all things related to church tech and communication. If your role is more than just leading music, and you feel like you want some help with all this “other” stuff, then this podcast is for you!

Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast ArtWeird name, great podcast! If you’re a true church leader, you should care about more than just the music. The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast is a fantastic podcast for Church Leaders. Carey interviews some incredible guests such as Andy Stanley, Louie Giglio, John Acuff and more. Carey does a great job of keeping the topics centered around a single theme and asking practical and useful questions. This is definitely a must for anyone in ministry.

Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast Art

This is hands down the best leadership podcast I have ever listened to. In twenty minutes Craig gives you more leadership gold than you know what to do with. Craig starts out by answering two listener submitted questions (which is always fascinating), and then dives into a topical teaching on leadership that is so deep and so clear, you’ll wonder if this man is from another planet! I love this podcast, and you will too. Once a month doesn’t come around fast enough!

Church Leaders Podcast

Church Leaders Podcast ArtAndrew Hess does an amazing job with the Church Leaders Podcast. A relatively new podcast, Andrew interviews some of the top thinkers in the church today about topics of great importance. Always brief and to the point, this podcast will definitely get you thinking more broadly about your role in the church, and your church’s role in the world.


Ask Pastor John

Ask Pastor John Podcast Art

Ask Pastor John is your daily dose of thoughtful theology and answers to difficult questions by one of the most influential thinkers and theologians of our time. Balanced, fair, and wise. How could you go wrong?



The Bible Project Podcast

The Bible Project Podcast for Worship LeadersThe guys from The Bible Project have created a rich, academic, yet accessible podcast that will help you better understand the literary context and meaning of the Bible. Whether you consider yourself a “theologian” or not, you ought to deepen your understanding of the inspired word of God. Check out The Bible Project Podcast HERE.


So those are our top ten podcasts for worship leaders.

What did we miss? What would you add to the list?

Leave us a comment so we can check out your favorites!